Front Desk Arrangements | How Do You Style a Reception Area with Flowers

When you first meet clients, partners, and visitors in the reception area. Think about putting pretty flowers on your front desk and in the reception area to make it friendly and welcoming. In this article, we'll discuss arranging flowers at the front desk and how they can make your reception area look nice and leave a good impression.


The Positive Impact of Flowers

1. Happier Feelings: Research indicates that flowers can make you feel better and lower stress and anxiety. When your employees, clients, and other guests are around lovely flower decorations, they'll likely feel more relaxed and happier.

2. Better Work Output: Employees who are happy and at ease usually get more work done. Putting flowers all around your office makes it a lovely and peaceful place, which helps people come up with new ideas and solve problems. It can also make your employees feel more creative and motivated.

3. Better Office Look: Flowers on the front desk and in the entrance area of your office make it look nicer for clients. How your office looks says a lot about your company's character and what it believes in, and the first thing people notice is usually your office reception area.


Choosing the Right Flowers

Now that you understand the importance of flowers in your reception area, it's time to choose the right ones. The selection of flowers should align with your company's brand, the season, and the overall aesthetic of your office. Here are some popular choices:
1. Classic Roses
2. Lively Lilies
3. Cheerful Sunflowers
4. Seasonal Blooms


Tips for Creating a Welcoming and Friendly Reception Area with Flowers

1. Plants
Adding plants to your reception area is a fantastic way to make a good impression on your clients when they walk in. Having live plants makes the reception area look nicer and makes people waiting there feel better, both physically and mentally. Plants can help reduce stress, and they can even smell good. For example, the soothing scent of lavender can be helpful in places like a dentist's waiting room, where patients might be nervous.

2. Harmonizing with Your Brand
When picking flowers, make sure they match your brand's style and message. Think about the colours, shapes, and smells that go with your company's values and how it looks. For example, a tech startup might choose modern, simple arrangements with clean, white flowers, while a spa might like relaxing lavender and soft pastel colours.

3. Longevity Matters
It's crucial to choose flowers that have a longer lifespan. Orchids, lilies, and certain types of roses can remain fresh for an extended period.


Flower Arrangement Ideas

1. White Flower Arrangements: White flowers create a lovely, light background. You can use them to make the other colours in your decorations and furniture stand out more.

2. Minimalistic Sophistication: If you want a modern appearance, go for simple arrangements. Just one beautiful flower or a few stems in a smooth vase can show sophistication and a straightforward style; this works well if you want your business to have a clean and up-to-date feel.

3. Blooming Branches: Use tall arrangements like bunches of cherry blossom branches to fill empty spots. When you put them in clear glass vases, you can see the entire stem, which is crucial to the overall look.

4. Bountiful Bouquets: On the other hand, if you want to make a bold statement, consider bountiful bouquets. These arrangements use a variety of flowers and colours to create a rich, welcoming atmosphere. They work well for businesses that want to evoke warmth and hospitality.

5. Using Colors: Instead of the type of flowers, consider the colours to make a stunning design. For instance, using flowers in orange and yellow shades can give you a citrus-inspired arrangement. When you stick to a single colour, you can make the design more interesting by using dyes from light to dark.


Taking Care of Your Flowers

You must take care of your front desk flowers to ensure they look fresh and colourful. Keep changing the water in the vase, trim the stems, and remove any droopy flowers. Consider hiring a flower expert to come in every week or every other week to replace and look after the flowers.

In the business world, where competition is tough, every little advantage counts. Improving your reception area by carefully arranging the front desk is a smart move to make you stand out. It's not just about how it looks; it's about creating an atmosphere that fits your brand and makes visitors feel important.

Remember, the beauty of flowers does more than look nice. It engages people's senses and strongly impacts those who enter your place. So, whether you choose a simple and elegant style or lots of flowers, let your front desk arrangements show how dedicated you are to doing a great job.

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