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Celebrate anniversaries with online flower ordering!

Make her fall in love all over again with our stunning flower gifts! At Office Flower, we understand the importance of your anniversary, so we carefully select the freshest and most beautiful flowers to create breathtaking designs. From classic crimson roses to bold and extravagant displays, we're your go-to for expressing your love through flowers. Celebrate your special anniversary day with our perfectly styled bouquets, arrangements, and flower boxes that will leave a lasting impression. We also have a delightful range of flowers to bring smiles to your parents, in-laws, siblings, or friends on their anniversary!

Whether it's been six months since your first date or a year since your first kiss, flowers make a beautiful gesture of love, and anniversaries are the perfect time to send them.

Confused about which flowers to choose? Roses are the ultimate romantic choice for anniversaries. However, we've discovered that our customers also adore sending lilies, Australian native flowers, tulips, gerberas, and orchids, especially when surprising parents, family, and friends.

What are the ideal flowers for anniversary celebrations?

Choosing anniversary flowers is a personal decision that goes beyond the traditional red rose gifts. If your partner has an affinity for native flowers, they make an excellent choice. Alternatively, if they adore fragrant blooms or have a fondness for lilies, those would be your top options.


Express Your Love with Beautiful Anniversary Flowers 

Flowers serve as the perfect expression of love on any anniversary. Their beauty, romance, and the convenience of delivery to your doorstep make them an ideal choice. At Office Flower, we offer an extensive range of anniversary flowers, from joyful arrangements for happy anniversaries to elegant golden anniversary flowers. With our flower delivery service, you can have these beautiful blooms conveniently delivered right to your door. Whether you're searching for vibrant ruby wedding anniversary flowers or exquisite 50th wedding anniversary flowers, Office Flower has the perfect arrangement for you. Treat your loved one to a special year by sending them a bouquet of anniversary roses today.

The Symbolic Meaning of Gifting Anniversary Flowers

For centuries, flowers have been a timeless way of conveying emotions and messages, and they hold a special place in today's world, especially when given as anniversary gifts. Whether it's the first or the 50th anniversary, flowers beautifully express love, passion, and romance. The tradition of presenting anniversary flowers dates back to ancient Roman times when they were exchanged to celebrate significant milestones. In those days, they were often referred to as "I love you flowers," a heartfelt way of expressing affection.

Flowers and Symbolic Associations with Marriage Years

Over time, certain flowers have become associated with specific years of marriage, adding an extra layer of sentiment to the gift. For instance, red roses, symbolising young passionate love, are a traditional choice for the first wedding anniversary. Calla lilies represent a strong foundation for the relationship, making them ideal for the 15th anniversary. Couples celebrating their 30th anniversary often choose red tulips, signifying passionate love. As for the momentous 50-year milestone, yellow roses and violets are frequently selected as they symbolise the unwavering commitment, devotion, and loyalty that have withstood the test of time.

Trust Office Flower for Your Gesture of Love

Office Flower has been delighting customers with beautiful anniversary flowers since 2020. Our vast experience ensures that your expression of love arrives on time and remains fresh. With our extensive selection of ruby wedding anniversary flowers and golden wedding flowers, you'll find the perfect arrangement to convey your affection. From classic roses to graceful tulips, charming daisies to elegant lilies, our variety caters to your preferences. With guaranteed freshness for at least seven days and timely delivery, Office Flower is your reliable destination for anniversary flowers. Our fast shipping and expert customer service make the process smooth and hassle-free.

Choose Office Flower as your trusted partner to deliver heartfelt anniversary flowers that speak volumes of your love and appreciation. Let the beauty of these blooms enhance the joy of your anniversary celebration.

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