Collection: Flower Boxes

Office Flower is a top choice for Bloom Boxes because we focus on quality, variety, customisation, reliability, customer satisfaction, affordability, and community engagement. These exquisite and colourful floral creations combine nature's finest blooms, expertly arranged within a stylish hat box.

wow Flower Box

The WOW Arrangement

When you send flowers from our shop, we aim to create a significant impact. We hope that the recipient will open the door and be filled with joy, feeling truly special. Our goal is to elicit a heartwarming 'wow!' from them.

Luxury floral gift

Luxury Floral Gift

Office Flower is a luxury florist specialising in premium large flower boxes. Spoil a loved one with a stunning bespoke floral arrangement from our limited collection.

Flower arrangement - Officeflower

Premium Seasonal Blooms

From selecting the finest blooms and roses to choosing the right box and arranging the flowers with artistic flair, every step contributes to the final masterpiece. Our flowers in box arrangements are prepared to make your loved one feel extra special.

Flowers in Box with personalised lable

Personalising Flower Boxes

Your personalised message will make a significant impact and make your loved ones feel extra special. Your customised label will be printed on the hatbox using our premium vinyl material, making your loved ones feel truly special.