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How to Choose Apology and Sorry Flowers & Roses

Flowers are the best way to say you are sorry. When making an arrangement, your best bet is to use their favourite colour. Still, if you want to go further, you can use flowers that specifically mean "sorry."

Flowers are mostly given as gifts on happy occasions, but they can also help us through some of life's most challenging times. When you need to say you're sorry, they're a great way to show you're sorry and mean it.

What kind of flowers are appropriate for an apology?

Even though there isn't a single flower that stands for saying sorry, many flowers have meanings related to saying sorry, like sincerity, honesty, rebirth, and forgiveness.

1. White Lily
For a friend or a partner
If you don't know how to say sorry to someone you hurt, the lily of the valley is the best flower to send them. This delicate white flower stands for rebirth, which can happen after a relationship ends if you say you're sorry and it's accepted. It can mean the relationship moves on to a new phase and leaves the past behind.

2. Daffodils
truth, honesty and forgiveness
Daffodils are ideal for expressing your deepest regrets to a partner or close friend. Bright and lovely, the daffodil symbolises joy and happiness, and a bouquet of these cheerful flowers will make anyone smile following any disagreement.

3. White Orchids
for a close friend or family member
Your apology must sound as sincere as possible. White orchids are a good choice because they symbolise sincerity. If the apology comes after a big argument, you should send a bouquet of white orchids to apologise.

4. Snapdragons
For family member
Snapdragons are known for their beautiful range of colours. They can mean grace and deception, but they're usually used to show you're telling the truth. If you need an apology flower, add some snapdragons to your bouquet.

5. Tulips
forgiveness, honour, care, and respect
Tulips are beautiful flowers that never go out of style. They have many meanings, such as rebirth, kindness, and love. The colour of the flower also changes what it means. White tulips mean forgiveness, honour, care, and respect, which makes them the perfect apology flower. Red tulips are a sign of passionate love, so they can be given to a loving partner to say sorry. Pink tulips are a sign of care and love, so giving them to a friend or family member might be a good idea. Yellow tulips are a sign of hope and happiness. They show that you want to be forgiven and that better days are coming.

6. Blue Hyacinths
constancy, regret, and sincerity
Even though hyacinths might not be the first flower that comes to mind when you think of "I'm sorry" flowers, they show that you've given your choice a lot of thought. People think of them as a symbol of "making peace," so they are a good choice if you just had an argument with someone and want to show that you want to make up.
Purple or blue hyacinths are symbolic of constancy, regret, and sincerity. This makes them ideal apology flowers for letting that special someone know you are genuinely sorry and that you hope to remain a constant in their lives. However, avoid yellow hyacinths, as they represent jealousy.

7. Sunflowers
You can send sunflowers as a more playful way to say sorry. Give sunflowers to someone after a small argument, but not necessarily after a big or long one. Sunflowers are also the perfect flower to send to someone to make them smile and forget that they're mad at you.

Are roses the best choice for an apology flower?

Roses are one of the most popular apology flowers. The colour of your roses can convey a particular message. Red roses are the traditional symbol of love and passion, whereas yellow roses represent friendship and joy. White roses are associated with purity, innocence, and sympathy, while pink roses are associated with grace and gratitude.

Red roses have always been a sign of love, and when you apologise to them, you can show your partner that you love them and won't make the same mistakes again. Red roses show that you care about them, and your feelings for them are still strong.

Order an Apology Rose Box and Arrangement from Office Flower

1. Premium Rose Box
Show how much you adore your loved one with our Premium Rose Box!
If you need to apologise, this rose box will make it simple. Sending these beautiful blooms is a great way to express your regret and value in the relationship.

2. White, Pink and Purple Blooms
You can send this box to your best friend or a family member with whom you argued. It has a bright mix of white, pink, and purple flowers in beautiful boxes.

3. Purple and White Blooms
Artfully arranged in gorgeous boxes, a colourful assortment of Purple and White Flowers would be an excellent choice for an apology bouquet.

Office Flower offers a wide selection of breathtaking bouquets and flower boxes that are perfect for an apology. Browse our carefully selected products now.