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How to Help Your Flowers Survive During the Summer

The sun and hot weather can harm our favourite flowers, making them dry out or even die. Follow these simple tips to make your flowers last longer.


What should we do in the summer to make our flowers last longer?

1. water
When it's hot outside, we drink more, and flowers are the same. Remember to give your flowers some water every day. You can either add more water to the vase quickly if you're busy or, if you have time, change the warm vase water every day with fresh water. Interestingly, you should use slightly warm water here because most flowers absorb water better when it's warm.
a. watering in the morning: Water your flowers in the morning because the weather is colder, and flowers absorb water quickly.
b. Deep watering: is required if water reaches all areas of the flower, particularly the roots.

2. Cool Spot

Please don't put your new bunch of flowers in direct sunlight because their delicate petals can get sunburned. It's better to place them in a colder, shady spot. If you have a balcony or garden, your flowers will be happy in the fresh air.
a. Windy Places: Avoid placing them in areas where it is windy, as this can cause the water to evaporate faster.
b. Bright Place: placing them in a well-lit spot away from direct sunlight.


3. Choosing Heat-Resistant Flowers

Some flowers survive better in warm climates. So try to keep these flowers in summer and hot weather:
a. Zinnias
b. Delphiniums
c. gerberas
d. Sunflowers

4. Australian Natives Flower

During the long summer months, Australian native flowers are the best choice. They look stylish and unique and have adapted over thousands of years to thrive in our dry, hot weather. Waratah, Kangaroo Paw, and paper daisies will be a good choice.

5. the Big Cool Down

Most flowers will suffer when temperatures reach the 30s (and even 40s). Don't be concerned; they usually recover somewhat over the evening. Consider moving them into an air-conditioned room or in the refrigerator to protect them best. Remember that storing your flowers near apples will cause them to wilt due to the ethylene gas released when they mature.

6. Discover the faded flowers

Maybe only one of the flowers that has faded will cause the rest to fade, so be sure to separate the flower that has faded from the rest. Transfer the remaining healthy stems into small bud vases.

Using these easy but essential suggestions, you can ensure your summer flowers stay colourful, lively, and healthy during the hot season. Enjoy the beauty of your blooming flowers and conquer the summer heat!

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